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i will not be updating this carrd anymore. it takes a lot of energy from me and i'm busy with uni and other responsibilities so, i've decided to not force myself to do it. i'll leave the carrd up and i'll probably edit it in a way in which i don't have to renew carrd premium subscription because last time i had to ask for money for it and paypal doesn't work in my country anymore.

i'm sorry i can't keep working on it but i'm also not comfortable transferring the carrd to anyone who might be able to update it because it took a lot of work and i did it for free because i wanted loona to receive all the love they so much deserve!!!

thank you for all the nice comments i got from it and i'm glad i could help people become orbits! you can find me on twitter @meetloonas! <3


이달의 소녀 Girl of the Month

01. About / 02. Members / 03. SubUnits / 03. FAQ


01. About / 02. Members / 03. SubUnits / 03. FAQ

L O O N A is a South Korean girl group formed by Blockberry Creative. Its twelve members were revealed in a periodic fashion, corresponding to their Korean name Idarui Sonyeo (이달의 소녀), which translates to Girl of the Month.

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> Official US Website


days since loona's debut


    2018. 11. 04 - MTV Europe Music Awards
    🏆 Best Korean Act

    2018. 12. 19 - First Brand Awards
    🏆 Female Rookie of The Year

    2019. 07. 18 - MTN Ad Festival Awards
    🏆 Commercial Star Rookie

    2019. 08. 22 - Soribada Best K-Music Awards
    🏆 Performance Award

    2019. 11. 27 - Asia Artist Awards
    🏆 Focus Singer
    🏆 Popularity Award

    2020. 06. 08 - Brand Customer Loyalty Awards
    🏆 Female Idol Rising Star


    01. About / 02. Members / 03. SubUnits / 03. FAQ

    How does their concept work?When it comes to LOONA, celestial embodiment is the main lore. In fact, the group’s Korean name 이달의 소녀 literally translates to “Girl of the Month,” hinting at the lunar calendar formula. LOONA's debut is a 2-year project that features individual releases for every member and also sub-units, before they eventually debut as a group with 12 members. Each sub-unit has a specific role in the storytelling of the group’s tale. Together, LOONA 1/3 (the Earth), LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE (Middle Earth), and LOONA yyxy (Eden) create the girls’ alternate universe “LOONAVERSE”.
    What is the LOONAVERSE?The LOONAVERSE is just a name for the collective mythos of the LOONA Universe. Basically it's the AU (Alternate Universe) where all of LOONA's lore resides. There are clues that BBC has left for us to find in the MVs and their descriptions, lyrics and even choreographies. It isn't a physical place but more like a collection of stories that fit perfectlyy together, like the Harry Potter Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here's the LOONAverse Basics 1: Introduction to LOONA's Lore video. (It's looooong and sometimes hard to understand but it's fun.) (And no, you don't have to learn it to stan LOONA)
    What are their positions?Beside the leaders, LOONA's members do not have fixed positions. In fact, it changes at every comeback.
    How many leaders are there in LOONA?Haseul is the main leader and each sub-unit has a different leader. There has been especulation about others being the leader of LOONA but it has been confirmed several times she's the leader. Haseul is also LOONA 1/3 subunit's leader. Kim Lip is LOONA OEC subunit's leader. And Yves is LOONA yyxy subunit's leader.
    Are the units different groups? They are all part of LOONA! After a certain number of members got revealed, they would later on promote as a unit (on music shows, interviews, etc.) and release an album + a repackage.
    Is Yeojin part of any unit?At some point she said she was the "/" in LOONA 1/3 but she didn't promote with them at any point. She later referred to herself as part of a solo unit.
    What is STAN LOONA and where did it come from?“Stan Loona” has transcended simple fan vernacular and become a meme and promotional strategy all in one. The phrase, often left in comments under unrelated content, was first intended to promote LOONA, given the fact that they came from a lesser-known entertainment company. Olivia Hye said the viral hashtag “encourages us to do our best even more” and inspires the group to deliver “high quality performances and high quality music.” They really appreciate the viral phrase. “Of course, we all stan Orbits! For international fans who use #StanLoona, that’s where we get our energy from,” said ViVi, “We take responsibility for the love we get; we’ve got to do our best. If fans keep #StanLoona [going], we’re going to try even harder and harder.”


    01. About / 02. Members / 03. SubUnits / 03. FAQ

    1. Jeon Heejin / Oct 2016
    Solo: VIViD
    Bday: Oct 19th, 2000
    Animal: Rabbit
    Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3

    2. Kim Hyunjin / Nov 2016
    Solo: Around You
    Bday: Nov 15th, 2000
    Animal: Cat
    Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3

    3. Jo Haseul / Dec 2016
    Solo: Let Me In
    Bday: Aug 18th, 1997
    Animal: Bird
    Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3

    4. Im Yeojin / Jan 2017
    Solo: Kiss Later
    Bday: Nov 11th, 2002
    Animal: Frog

    5. Wong Kahei aka ViVi / Apr 2017
    Solo: Everyday I Love You
    Bday: Dec 9th, 1996
    Animal: Deer
    Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3

    6. Kim Jungeun aka Kim Lip / May 2017
    Solo: Eclipse
    Bday: Feb 10th, 1999
    Animal: Owl
    Sub-Unit: ODD EYE CIRCLE

    7. Jung Jinsol aka JinSoul / Jun 2017
    Solo: Singing in the Rain
    Bday: June 13th, 1997
    Animal: Blue betta fish
    Sub-Unit: ODD EYE CIRCLE

    8. Choi Yerim aka Choerry / Jul 2017
    Solo: Love Cherry Motion
    Bday: June 4th, 2001
    Animal: Bat fruit
    Sub-Unit: ODD EYE CIRCLE

    9. Ha Sooyoung aka Yves / Nov 2017
    Solo: new
    Bday: May 24th, 1997
    Animal: Swan
    Fruit: Apple
    Sub-Unit: yyxy

    10. Kim Jiwoo aka Chuu / Dec 2017
    Solo: Heart Attack
    Bday: Oct 20th, 1999
    Animal: Penguin
    Fruit: Strawberry
    Sub-Unit: yyxy

    11. Park Chaewon aka GoWon / Jan 2018
    Solo: One&Only
    Bday: Nov 19th, 2000
    Animal: Butterfly
    Fruit: Pineapple
    Sub-Unit: yyxy

    12. Son Hyejoo aka Olivia Hye / Mar 2018
    Solo: Egoist
    Bday: Nov 13th, 2001
    Animal: Wolf
    Fruit: Blood Plum
    Sub-Unit: yyxy


    01. About / 02. Members / 03. SubUnits / 03. FAQ

    LOONA 1/3
    Titles: Love&Live; Sonatine
    Albums: Love & Live; Love & Evil
    Location: New Zealand, Hong Kong & Prague
    ⋆ "Purity" concept.
    ⋆ Yeojin represents the "/" in "Loona 1/3".

    Heejin, Haseul, Vivi, Hyunjin

    JinSoul, Kim Lip, Choerry

    Titles: Girl Front; Sweet Crazy Love
    Albums: Mix & Match; Max & Match
    Location: LA
    ⋆ The central theme revolving around this unit is "girl crush"

    LOONA yyxy
    Title: love4eva (feat. Grimes)
    Album: beauty&thebeat
    Location: Budapest
    ⋆ The name stands for "youth youth by young" with the revolving theme being "four girls who denied Eden"

    Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye